Faith Makes It Last

3 min readMay 20, 2022
Photo by chris liu on Unsplash

Throughout our relationship

Both as friends and lovers

You have always portrayed yourself

As both a reasonable man and emotional man

One who would think and make rational decisions

And as well put feelings in consideration

So that “love could have a good place to sit”

Until recently when you bared a part of your mind

Based on what can neither be associated with the aforementioned

I remember reading that you want to spend the rest of our days together

“In joy, in peace, and laughter

In tears, in screams, and anger”

Those were your exact words

A woman doesn’t forget that quickly

For anything her man tells her, she holds dearly

This was only few weeks ago

They’re (your words) my evidence

That you were indeed prepared for it all

You, this same man before I loved you (romantically) said

“Let it aura capture and bedazzle me”

And now, you’re considering tossing away every great thing we had built

Putting our investments on the line

And not caring about what could’ve been

Along that time spent on a hiatus

Or don’t you know that the time you’re using to “not think about us”

Could be spent instead to build upon what exists already?

The worst state of feeling any person can be

Is wanting to hold on to someone

Who doesn’t know if they still love you

Does love die that quickly?

[See how confused you got me?]

If it was ever love, you owe it to me and yourself to fight for it

When you said that you don’t feel whatever you felt in the beginning for me anymore

I felt like I had been hit with a poleaxe

It put me in a pensive mood