Best (1)

1 min readApr 29, 2022
Photo by Travis Grossen on Unsplash

An encomium would not suffice to tell of my admiration

By the minute, it would be the least to say how exponentially fond I get

My mind in admixture with my brain often swims with the thought of becoming one with you

If only you knew how strongly I felt the first time

I peered into your squinty eyes

It was that transcending moment that cemented every prior feeling I’d hoped would shed light

The suggestive remark made about you being hard to read stands as a corollary of how badly I’d like to unearth your evasive nature

That very first time I called you Best,

I was sure to make you my best friend in every respect of the word

Soon enough, the bearing of this process of becoming an indiscrete one will be prominent.

Thanks for your readership, always.

I acknowledge all comments.

Always remember: it gets better. 😊
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