Prenuptial Discussions

Hundred Questions To Ask Your Lover or Potential Spouse

14 min readMay 24, 2022


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Think of this stage as the color white. It is the light stage, where something is still new and fresh. That is, no familiarity quite yet. You have either just met or have known each other, but not on a romantic level. Nowadays, people meet virtually, before arranging a date to put a face to it, so some of the questions here may apply to those who are still warming up to each other.

Question 1:

What is your full name?


If you do not know your lover or potential lover’s full name, you are not yet familiar. Some people go by nicknames, but it is necessary to know their legal name, which appears on the birth certificate.

Question 2:

What is your date of birth?


If they had previously lied to you about their age, this affords them the opportunity to come clean since you are officially asking.

Question 3:

What is your highest level of education?


Knowing your lover or potential lover’s education will give you an insight into their ambitions on the surface level.

Question 4:

What is your religious proclivity?


This question will allow you to know whether or not they are comfortable discussing religion topics or related topic and if you hold the same faith.

Question 5:

Where did you grow up?


This question will provide insight into their background and environment in which they grew up.

Question 6:

Are your parents still married?


This question might seem a bit personal if you’re meeting for the first time, but it helps to know because a person’s upbringing shapes them and being raised in a broken home factors how you’re likely to approach relationship.